Module IV: Remediate Unintended Consequences

Module III provided tools and information to help you understand and identify unintended consequences. In this Module we provide you with tools and information that will help you pinpoint the specific causes of your EHR-related problems and that will help you remediate them.

  • Assess the Problem
    We demonstrate how a systematic approach will help you pinpoint the underlying causes of the most difficult-to-diagnose EHR-related problems. Read More »
  • Remediate the Problem
    Prioritization and planning are necessary for effectively remediating your current EHR-related problems; extra care should be taken to ensure that corrective actions do not lead to other adverse unintended consequences. Read More »
  • Track the Remediation Process
    Monitoring the progress of your remediation plan will help ensure that you successfully resolve your EHR-related unintended consequences. Read More »