Module II: How to Avoid Unintended Consequences

Unintended consequences are unpredictable, but much can be learned from the experiences of other EHR implementers and users. Adhering to best practices for selecting, implementing, and using your EHR will help you avoid unintended consequences. This Module is divided into two sections: the first section will be more useful to organizations that have not yet implemented an EHR, and the second section will be more useful to current EHR users.

  • For Future EHR Users
    There are several steps that can help reduce your risk of experiencing unintended consequences of implementing an EHR. Read More »
  • For Current EHR Users
    Unintended consequences can happen at any time, even long after implementation. This section of Module II provides information and tools on avoiding unintended consequences for organizations that have already implemented an EHR. Read More »